How Does Pruning Benefit Your Trees?

How Does Pruning Benefit Your Trees?

How Does Pruning Benefit Your Trees?

Tree pruning is the process of selectively removing branches, twigs and leaves from a tree to improve its health and appearance. Pruning also increases air circulation in the branches, reduces weight on limb supports, and stimulates new growth. Pruning can be done by hand with bypass loppers or by using a pole saw fitted with an electric motor for taller trees. The goal is to remove dead wood and other material that might hinder light penetration or lead to decay. The selective removal of parts that are diseased, dying or dead will promote healthy growth over time – this is called “cure” pruning (in contrast with “corrective” pruning). Branches may be removed completely for reasons such as obstruction of views. So, how does pruning benefit your trees?


You value the trees that form the foundation of your landscaping if you’re like most Sydney area homeowners or commercial property owners. You may recognize the advantages of trees but be unsure of how to best protect them and keep them healthy and growing for many years. Pruning your trees and shrubs is a simple practice that you can do on a regular basis. The following are some of the advantages of pruning:


# 1 Fights Insects and Infections

Pruning a tree on a regular basis is beneficial to its health. Pruning out infected branches is especially important. Infections can spread to healthy parts of the tree, putting the tree’s life in jeopardy. Insects and infections can be spread by dead branches, so they should be pruned. Pruning them out and sterilizing the infection cuts will help to keep the infestations and infections from spreading to the rest of the tree.


# 2 Healthier Trees

Pruning keeps trees healthy in general, as well as fighting infections. By removing the dead branches, the tree can better nourish the remaining branches. Thinning the branches also helps to reduce the weight of the branches and increase the amount of light and air that gets through to the tree when the tree becomes dense.


# 3 Beautiful Trees

You want your trees to be healthy, but they should also be attractive. Pruning can also help with this. Obviously, removing dead branches improves the overall appearance of the tree. The tree can be shaped after it has been pruned and trimmed. Uneven growth patterns can be smoothed out to make the tree look more attractive.


# 4 Safer Trees

Finally, trees should be pruned for safety reasons. You may not consider trees to be a threat, but they can be. When weak, dead, or dying branches are left on the tree, the risk of them being broken off unexpectedly increases. It could happen during an ice storm, on a windy day, or under normal circumstances. The loss of these branches can result in significant damage to a car, home, or building, as well as personal injury.


Pruning, thinning, and trimming trees ensures that they remain healthy, pest-free, attractive, and safe. Farache can assist you if the job appears to be larger than you are willing to take on. We have the knowledge and equipment to take care of your trees quickly and efficiently.

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