How Much is Demolition of Small Office?

How Much is Demolition of Small Office?

Are you interested in a small demolition project? well look no further we here at Farache operate Sydney wide and offer a range or services indoor and outdoor including;

  • Office demolition and removal
  • Home demolition and removal

What is a small demolition?

Small demolition is the destruction and removal of structures inside or outside your designated project area. At Farache we offer to demolish any unwanted items or structures inside your designated area, the remaining debris and junk left behind from the demolition  will be removed by our team of specialists over here at Farache leaving no mess behind upon the completion of the project.

Cost of Small demolition in Sydney

The cost of a small demolition project usually ranges between $50-$90 per hour. however, these prices are not definite and will vary as depending on the volume of the demolition project at hand factors such as;

  1. The size of the building
  2. Debris present
  3. Prescence of absestos
  4. Removal of foundation
  5. Site accessibility

These factors presented will impact the overall price of the demolition project as our team of specialists at Farache will need to plan ahead and use the required tools and manpower needed to complete the job at a satisfactory and high level for you.

How much does the demolition of a small office cost?

The demolition of small office will vary depending on the volume of the project however, you can expect the price to be as low as $10,000 and will rise depending on the size of the project.

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