Is It Bad To Water Lawns At Night?

Is It Bad To Water Lawns At Night?

What will happen if you water your lawn at night? -Well, learn from a Gardener.

Watering the lawn is one of the most vital parts when it comes to taking care of your lawn. An adequate amount of water and sunlight for your lawn to grow in a healthy manner.

Not providing enough water to grass and plants can cause various problems and can lead to your lawns demise. Whereas, providing more water than needed also invites many problems.

What happens when you water at night?

The key advantage of decreased evaporation can be taken when watering your gardens at night. You save water while improving your turf absorption potential without the intense heat from the sun.

It is also recommended for some type of grass to be watered at night for healthy growth. In fact, people have even published reports on how watering lawn and garden at night can be beneficial for some weather types.

Why is it bad to water at night?

Watering in the night time, if in the winter, is extremely dangerous. A night-watering artificial frost can be produced throughout your garden. For instance, standing water on the leaf has no chance to evaporate at night.

The sun evaporates the humidity quickly during the day, but the water will remain in the plant for a prolonged period of time at night. This provides a perfect refuge for replication and invasion on the surfaces of the plant.

Watering at night will stimulate illness in an unsupervised lawn. While healthy turf does not have apparent problems with nighttime watering, irrigation in the morning should occur to prevent potential damage to grass over time.

Also, Pests attack a lawn during the night. You have a plan to defeat pests, such as snails, by watering your rashing ground in the morning to avoid extensive damage to the turf.


The ideal time to water your lawn depends on many factors. Some of them being your type of lawn, presence of insects, level of humidity and of course, the weather as well.

To know more about your lawn and the adequate time to water, contact Sydney’s gardening expert, Farache.

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