What are tree services?

What are tree services?

A tree service is a process that is undertaken by someone in the industry of maintaining or removing trees. Letting nature run its course is the most common outlook made by most people. However, if a tree is not properly tended to it could lead to problems, not only for the tree’s health but also for your safety. Dead or dying trees could fall and damage your property and overgrown trees could invite pests. It is very important to have your trees serviced by an arborist.

What services are provided by arborists?

Arborists are specialised in the care of trees and also take care of diseased and unwanted branches. They use sophisticated climbing and rigging techniques to maintain clearance for roads, sidewalks, and utility lines, or to improve the appearance, health, and value of trees. There are many services an arborist can perform, such as;

Tree Pruning & Trimming: Tree pruning and trimming are some of the most common services provided by an arborist. It involves the cutting away of excess branches on a tree. The process of pruning and trimming is important to perform as it keeps the tree healthy and invites growth.

Tree Removal: Arborists offer tree removal services, which includes cutting it down and transporting it away. This process usually begins at the uppermost part of the tree, where it is cut away from the top bit by bit, with each log being safely brought down. Once the tree has been completely removed, it is then taken away by the arborist for proper disposal.

Stump Grinding & Removal: When trees are removed, their stumps remain intact in the ground. It is vital to remove these stumps as they could lead to issues in the future. A stump can be broken down and removed easily by grinding it. This grinding and removal service is provided by an arborist.

Tree Lopping: Tree lopping is a service provided by an arborist which involves the removal of logs from a tree. It is usually done to reduce its size. Generally, lopping is avoided as it can cause issues for the tree but sometimes has to be performed when the tree has grown too large and is becoming a hindrance or danger.

How much do tree services cost?

The cost of a tree service varies depending on multiple factors. It is determined by which services are performed, the size of the tree, the difficulty of working on the tree, and other factors (such as performing on weekends).

A tree service can include removal or maintenance. For maintenance services such as pruning or trimming, the average cost is $80 to $1000, affected by the size and state of the tree. Lopping is usually an hourly rate, most commonly ranging from $50/hr to $150/hr, affected again by the size and state of the tree.

For tree removals, prices can range from $350 to $10,000+ per tree. This price is determined by how large the tree is, its accessibility (the location the tree needs to be removed from), and its current state (if it’s diseased or filled with pests). Some companies also include stump grinding with their cost which also affects the price. 

Choosing the best tree service company

If you are considering getting your tree serviced, you may be wondering how to choose a company to get the service from. When it comes to selecting the best tree service company, you have to take into account their reputability, pricing, and the quality of their service. It is also important to select one that prioritises safety while working.

Farache offers you all of this and more. With over 20 years of ongoing experience, we are dedicated to respecting the customer’s property and wishes. We are industry leaders with suitable qualifications, appropriately insured, apply relevant industry standards and requirements, and complete our jobs to the highest standard at a respectful price. We also endeavour to minimise the impact on the natural environment by committing to recycling appropriate tree materials into mulch and firewood.

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